Role: Project Lead, Animation

Client: Saw Ideas/ Devon Energy

Additional Animation: Ant ScottAndy Dawson

Audio: Keith White Audio


This was my first large scale independent gig.  I was approached by Saw Ideas and they were in a jam.  They were part way into the piece and their key

animator had suddenly left the company.  They needed someone to take the reigns and complete the 17 minute animation.  


This educational piece is designed for school children visiting the Devon industrial worksite. I was given character designs, storyboards, some 3D models,

and some assets.  I worked in both Mograph artist and Creative Director roles.  I contributed animation and graphics as well as sourcing sourcing additional

freelancers, and coordinating input from agency creative and production staff to adhere to timelines.  I created the workback schedule, and restructured

the project  and asset libraries to facilitate efficient communication and integration with both existing assets and my team contributions.  


The final video is for internal use only, but I can take you through the highlights.  Just get in touch with me and I'll get you a password.